My intention with this website is to collect information about the topics and projects I encounter as part of my career in computer vision and machine learning.

Grand Vision

Both in the short and long term I see food production as the most impactful and challenging problem to be addressed. Luckily, much of my work circles around the topic.

Who am I and what do I have to offer?

I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher at Aalborg University's Visual Analysis and Perception (VAP) laboratory, where I am primarliy preoccupied with machine learning methods that can provide an alternative to the very successful supervised paradigm. I call these methods self-supervised because the learning signal is generated from the data itself instead of labels. I'm just old enough to have worked a couple of years with the machine learning and image processing techniques that dominated before Deep Neural Networks took over everything. I jumped on the Deep Learning wave in 2016 and have since then been applying Deep Neural Networks to images, point clouds and graphs. Since the 2nd semester of my Masters a general theme has been 3D vision. From depth map morphology in 2014 to classification of super-voxels to permutation invariant Deep Neural Networks for point clouds and lately Graph Neural Networks.

Curriculum Vitae (<- short, long ->)