Dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 on corporate Lenovo P50 with BitLocker

Posted on Fri 04 August 2017 in guides


The instructions are given in a loose chronological order where it is possible to switch around the order in many cases.


dual-booting-ubuntu-and-windows-10 Explanation of Bitlocker and TBM

Create bootable Ubuntu USB drive

  • I used Rufus
  • USB drive capacity > 1.6 gb
  • Select partition scheme to be the same as the partition that Ubuntu will be installed to
  • The partition scheme must also be set to UEFI. Since windows is likely installed with this setting and it must be uniform accros all installation.
  • Use FAT32 file system
  • Select the Ubuntu disk image
  • When asked select iso mod. In case problems araise later use DD mode instead.

Prepare PC

  • Turn off BitLocker, decryption takes approximately 20 min.
  • Use Windows Disk Management to create free space by scrinking the main Windows partition(>100BG)
  • Disable secure boot
$ WinKey+R
$ shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00
  • Select Troubleshoot->UEFI Firmware Settings
  • In BIOS, disable Security->Secure Boot and set Startup->UEFI/Legacy Boot to UEFI only
  • (optional) set Boot Mode to Diagnostics

Installing Ubuntu

  • Press F12 during boot
  • Boot from the USB drive
  • Create a ext4 partition from the free disk space
    • Use root(/) as mounting point
  • Select partition with windows bootloader(efi) to install linux bootloader, usually 2nd partition

Booting Ubuntu

  • Press F1 during boot to enter BIOS
  • Change boot order under Startup->Boot so that ubuntu is at the top

Post setup

  • Costomize the grub boot order GUI or commandline
  • Enable Bitlocker and backup the new recovery key
  • Revert various changes in BIOS
    • Enable "Secure Boot"